Advise on what I need to achieve solution

I have used Maestro before but I think its overkill for my application so if anything else works I would be happy.
I have a 5v DC trigger that I cannot change its duration is very fast but can be picked up by a relay.
I need to output the signal for longer ie if input is 0.01seconds, I need the output to be 0.5 seconds.

I will also need to trigger a servo relay after this but I can do that in multiple ways.

Any suggestions on what to try?


It seems like any programmable microcontroller that can read your trigger signal should be fine, so I would suggest an Arduino or one of our Arduino compatible A-Stars.

If you want to avoid a microcontroller altogether, you might be able to come up with a circuit that does what you want, for example using a 555 timer; searching for something like pulse extender circuit or pulse stretcher circuit should give you some results.

- Patrick

RE the 555 timer (assuming you’re considering it), you should also search for “monostable”, i.e. a circuit sits at low until it sees a trigger, then temporarily stays high for some amount of time.

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The Maestro is working perfectly, but I am selling this as a kit so think if I could do it cheaper then that’s a win for everyone.
I’m mechanical so electronics are a little alien to me, but I will look into the ideas.