Advice to make Led light to glow intermittent

Please advice the recommended board to use to create 3 units of 5mm led lights to glow intermittent.

Led light is powered using a 12v battery.

Thank you.


We do not have a ready-made product intended to specifically control LEDs like that. You might be able to make something like that using some of our parts. If you can give more details about what you want the LEDs to do, I might be able to offer more specific suggestions.


Hi Derrill,

The led lights will have glowing effect as show in the video clip.

Just a simple operation of on/off switch. Don’t require any controller to adjust the glow of the led.
Hopefully the board size is similar to


If you only need on/off control, you might be able to build something like that using a Maestro servo controller and our RC Switch with Small Low-Side MOSFET:

Please note that you won’t be able to actually produce the glowing effect show in in the video with these products. For that, you would probably need a programmable controller.