Advice on best sensor to measure see-saw application

Hi All,

I’m relatively new to working with sensors. I’m using an Ardiuno Uno and have played around with the L3GD20H gyro and have gotten the data it can give me successfully. However, I don’t think it’s going to work for this application and I need your advice.

I need to be able to tell which end of a see-saw is up or down, and how fast it is moving in a given direction.Y-axis pitch but I need to always know from a reference point where it is.

We’re building a rocking pirate ship and I want to control bands of Neopixel LEDs so that it appears that a light moves like a wave as the pirate ship rocks back and forth. :slight_smile:

What sensor (that has an Arduino library) would you recommend? Any advice or ideas would be certainly welcome.

Thank you in advance for your thoughts!


Any 2D or 3D accelerometer can be used to create a tilt sensor. Here is a comprehensive introduction to the technique for 3D accelerometers: … AN3461.pdf

For the case with the accelerometer oriented such that z is (more or less) down and x is parallel to the seesaw, it is simpler just to use:

tilt angle in radians = atan2(accelx, accelz)

Hello, Dennis.

I agree with Jim; it seems like using an accelerometer for that is a good way to go. You might consider using our LSM303D carrier board.