Adjustable output voltage from step-down regulators


Is it possible to get output voltage other than 3.3 or 5V from D15V70F5S3 or D15V35F5S3 step-down regulator by replacing one of the resistors? If not, do you have any plans to make a different model with adjustable (with potentiometer) output voltage? I need about 19V output.


Hello, Paul.

Those regulators cannot be modified to output 19 V. We currently don’t have any plans to make something like what you describe. 19 V is not a typical regulated output voltage, what do you need 19 V for?

- Ryan

Hi Ryan,

I need 19V (slightly lower voltage may work too - I have to test) in order to power a mini-PC:


I would like to submit the same question for the same regulator D15V70F5S3, but for 5.5 or 6 Volt (fixed). I understood the former answer such that the 19 Volt are the problem, not the modification in gerneral.
The input voltage would come from 2 LiPo cells (>=6.8 Volt), output shall drive up to 6 servos in a small but fast model glider. The current would be in rare circumstances >3 A for relative short times (few seconds, but spikes can go higher). I could mount about 15cm³ Alu for cooling.
Thank you very much in advance and kind regards,


Unfortunately, that design cannot output above 5 V. We have some newer products in early stages of development that should be able to go to 6 V, but that probably won’t be available for a few months. There are some servos that can take higher voltages, specifically for 2S LiPo packs; have you considered using those instead of using a regulator?

- Jan

Hello Jan,
thank you for the response.

"…have you considered using those instead of using a regulator?"
Yes, but 10mm-servos taking 8.5 V for the wings, quick and not too weak, are rather expensive and I have 2 very good “old” 6 V-servos. This combined with the shutdown input of the regulator, which could be controlled using a reed contact (no switch needed) make the regulator a seductive option for me.
Of course using high voltage servos was and is an alternative but it is not easy to find fitting servos for the rather thin wings, the choice is limited. I’ll see what to do.

Again, thank you and kind regards,