Addressable Through-Hole 5mm RGB LED Lead Length

Hi! I am planning on building an LED cube using these LEDs. I was wondering what the lead length is in order to determine if I need extra wire. Thank you!

The LEDs in question are these


We also received an email from you asking about a datasheet for those addressable LEDs in addition to the lead length. We do not have a datasheet. Is there some information you are looking for that is not on the product page?

I measured a couple of those LEDs and found the DIN and 5V leads to be about 15mm long; the GND and DOUT leads were about 17mm long.


Thank you, sorry about the confusion!

If you don’t mind could you also measure the 8mm LEDs, I’m assuming they’re the same length but maybe not.

The approximate lead lengths on the 8mm addressable RGB LED are:

DIN - 13.5mm

5V - 14.5mm

GND - 15.5mm

DOUT - 14.5mm


Thanks again!