Addressable RGB LED chipset

Can anyone tell me the chipset found in the addressable RGB LEDs that are sold by Pololu. Specifically Thanks



I replied to the email you sent that asked the same question. In the future, please let us know if you decide to contact us both over the forum and via email.

Any chance of posting the answer here, for those of us that haven’t sent an email?

The addressable RGB LED strips we carry use the TM1804. I think the identity of the IC isn’t very useful since the datasheet isn’t in English and doesn’t even seem to be entirely accurate. All of the information you need to use the strips should be on their product pages, but please let us know if you think something is missing.

Thanks. Google translate was enough to confirm that I most likely wont burn them up with the 7.5V 1A power supply that I am temporarily using.