Addressable RGB 150-LED Strip (SK9822) Max Length / IP Rating

I am wondering what the maximum number of addressable RGB 150-LED Strip, 5V, 5m (SK9822) I can chain together. I know I will need to inject extra 5V power for each strip, but my concern is the clock and data signals. Have you been able to determine the maximum number of strips?

Also, is there an IP?? rating on the strips? I would like to mount them permanently on my gutters to provide different holiday and special occasion lighting.


Hello, Jon.

The biggest consideration would be the update rate on the LEDs once you start going with longer chains. If you can figure out the slowest update rate you would be comfortable with for your project, you can then calculate the maximum number of LEDs to update in that time. Degradation in your signal should not be an issue as each LED gets a fresh signal as it is passed along to the next LED.

According to the manufacturer, these strips have an IP 65 rating.

By the way, you might be interested to see an Arduino Uno microcontroller running a sketch for holiday lighting (the strips used in this example are different than the ones you are considering, but there is an updated library for use with those strips).

Iā€™d really like to see your finished lighting setup!


Thank you very much, and for the sketch link.

This is exactly my plans for this year. I will leave them up all year round with different sketches for different holidays, or a switch for different effects.


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