Adding Wireless Connectivity To Project

I have been working on an electric trolling motor control project for awhile and have a design that works for me but I would like to add one additional feature if possible.

Here is a link to diagram of my project Project Diagram

My goal is to be able to use my existing design and add some sort of circuit(s) to take the RC signals from my Handheld Control Box and send them wirelessly to my Main Control Box. The red box in the diagram is what I am trying to design.

Basically doing the same thing that I can do with the FlySky system. The range for this wireless system only needs to be a few feet. I know I can do this with some sort of single board microcontroller but would like to keep it simple and as I said previously, use my existing design, specifically my Handheld Controller Box.

I have thought about cannibalizing my FlySky RC System but the circuit boards a too large and given the transmitter is fairly powerful, it draws way too much power.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

PS, it anyone is interested in the entire project they can goto


We do not have any devices intended to transmit RC signals wirelessly to a receiver like yours.

You might be able to use some of our products to come up with a different solution, like converting the servo signals into serial bytes and sending them wirelessly from one Wixel to another, then decoding the signal back into RC servo signals (unless your controller can just interpret the serial signals). The Wixel is a programable USB wireless module and if you are only using it to send serial signals wirelessly like i described, the Wireless Serial App should be the only program you need. However, please note that the Wixel is a 3.3V device, and the Maestro operates at 5V, so you would likely need a Logic Level Shifter as well.


Thanks Brandon,
Not sure if there is anything out there that will do what I want to do with my current configuration.
Think instead of trying to adapt my current design I will start from scratch for a wireless version.
Or I may “hack” a small low-end RC transmitter