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Adding switches to the servo controllersv


Hey guys ! professionals ! I need your help right now.

I bought Maestro 6 channel servo controller and really want to add those buttons like in this video.

You will find the buttons on the blue board at the end of the video.But I couldn’t find What I need and mechanism.
Please let me take more informations.


And one more things.
Have you ever tried the pico linear servo with this controller?
I was hoping it could work perfectly.


Hello, Asato.

You can use a momentary switch like these, and you can see how to wire them in the “Attaching Servos and Peripherals” section of the “Pololu Maestro Servo Controller User’s Guide” under the “Button or switch” heading.

I have not tried using those specific servos, but they should work fine with the Maestro if they accept standard RC hobby servo signals.



Hello, Mr. Derrill

Thank you so much for telling me that. I needed to understand the situations going on here and it took a while. But my servoes are working beautifully now, Thanks to you.
I would like to ask you the another question. How can I activate my servoes with wireless controller ?

Best regard



Hello, Asato.

Can you tell me what kind of wireless device you want to use?



Sorry, Sir.
I was supposed to ask you that " Am I able to controll servo motors using remote control ? "
Best regards



There are many ways you might be able control a system remotely. Which method is best would depend on how you want to control those servos (e.g. from a PC, hand-held remote, over the Internet, Bluetooth, or some other method). If you can give me more information about what you want to do and what kind of remote control you are referring to, I might be able to offer some suggestions.



I see your meaning now.
I’m just a beginner and sorry about that.
The hand-held remote sounds good to me.
I would love to know,if you’ve got suggestions that I can do with my Maestro. Thanks.

Best regards,



You might be able to build a system to control servos wirelessly through a Maestro, but I do have a specific recommendation for a ready-made hand held solution for that. Generally, people who want to control servos with a hand held remote use an RC transmitter and receiver pair (which work directly with servos and would not need a Maestro), like those found in most RC hobby stores. Please note, the Maestro cannot accept RC hobby signals as an input, so you could not use an RC transmitter and receiver directly with the Maestro.



That’s helpful. Thank you so much.