Adding optical encoder to SY20STH30-0604A


This is my first post so I hope I chose the right place to ask.

I would like to introduce the AEDM-5810-Z12 optical encoder to track a wheel attached to the stepper rotor. I see the rotor length is 15mm, while the AEDM-5810-Z12 thickness is 18.3mm. How can I incorporate the AEDM-5810-Z12 into my design and still have rotor length left to operate the attached wheel? Is it possible to buy a longer rotor or possibly use the SY20STH30-0604A back shaft? Attached are the datasheets.

Also, please point out any flaws in my approach. I’m open to changing to a different optical encoder if the two components aren’t compatible.

AEDM-5zzz_Kit.pdf (329.3 KB)
SY20STH30-0604A.pdf (50.0 KB)


Unfortunately, I do not have any specific suggestions for using that optical encoder board with the SY20STH30-0604A stepper motor. Please note, that motor does not have an extended back shaft.

You might be able to use a shaft coupler to extend the motor shaft. Alternatively, you might find some other options if you can decouple the load from the motor shaft, such as by using external gears or belts and pulleys.