Adding bypass capacitors

I am using a 3.3V, 3.6A Step-Down Voltage Regulator, D36V28F3, to power several esp32-based sensors on my boat (12vdc). Should I also use bypass capacitors near the microcontroller?

It seems a little like overkill, but …


Hello, Mo.

It depends on the details of your system, but in general, if you are powering both your sensors and your microcontroller from the D36V28F3 regulator, there are several factors that might make it a good idea to add bypass capacitors:

  • you expect any of your components to occasionally draw bursts of high current
  • the input voltage ranges are tight for any of your parts
  • your components are spread out and have long wires between each other

But it might also be unnecessary. The best way to get a better idea about that would be to monitor your system with a scope.

- Patrick