Adding Bluetooth or WIFI to a prebuilt Zumo

Hello again!

I would like to add either Bluetooth or WIFI to my prebuilt Zumo (includes a Zumo Shield). Either will do for my requirements. Can you recommend a specific component that will play well with the standard Zumo setup?

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Hello, Mark.

We do not have any specific recommendations for a Bluetooth or WiFi module for use with the Zumo. However, since the serial communication pins are not used by the Zumo shield, you might consider a Bluetooth or WiFi module that communicates with 5V TTL serial (or at least has 5V-tolerant pins).

Some of our customers have succesfully added bluetooth to their Zumos. You can read more about their setup:

- Jeremy

Thanks for the tips - very useful :slight_smile:

I just did this using a Little Blue Bean (BLE enabled Arduino). I found I had to leave the Arduino mounted to the board even though I was controlling the motor pins directly from the LBB as the Zumo board doesn’t have its own +5V power regulator.