Adding an remote control receiver to Zumo 34u4

I am trying to add an FS-iA6B 2.4GHz wireless Receiver to my zumo 34u4. The RC Controller I have is a Flysky FS-i6X 10CH 2.4GHz AFHDS RC Transmitter. I have removed the LCD panel, and plugged in a m/f wire connecting pin 1 and 2 to the Receiver. The receiver’s power light comes on. I’ve loaded the RCControl example, yet nothing works on the transmitter. Attached are images of my current setup. Any and all help is appreciated.


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It looks like the only connections you made were to power your receiver. For that example to work, you will need to connect the throttle and steering signals to pins 0 and 1 on the Zumo 32U4 main board respectively. You can access those pin on either the LCD header or front expansion area, as indicated in the diagrams in the “Expansion areas” section of the Zumo 32U4 user’s guide

- Amanda

The purple and blue wire go from the receiver to pin hole 1 and 2 (according to the bottom of the LCD screen pin numbers). Should the connections go from the receiver somewhere else (under the blade or other component), or should there be more connections from the receiver to the zumo 32u4 lcd board? Thanks for the response and I thanks again in advance.


There should be a total of 4 connections to your receiver. One of those connections should be a common ground and another one should be from one of the 5V pins on the Zumo 32U4 to the power rail on your receiver (which is required to power the receiver). The other two connections should be the throttle and steering signals from your receiver to pins 0 and 1 on the Zumo 32U4 control board respectively.

All four of those connections are available on the LCD header as well as the front expansion area; you can choose whichever is more convenient for you. As Amanda mentioned, you can use the diagrams in the “Expansion areas” section of the Zumo 32U4 user’s guide to locate those pins.


Thanks for the reply Brandon. I’ve been able to locate the pins 0 and 1 on the zumo control board. However, my receiver has more than a total of 4 connections. Here is a pic of my receiver

. Any idea’s on how to proceed?

I suggest checking the user’s manual for your receiver to understand what all of the pins do, and which ones correspond to which inputs on your transmitter. I do not know which channels you are intending to use for throttle and steering, but the signal pin is typically the one nearest the keyed side of the connector (labeled S). The middle pin should be power (V+), and pin farthest from the keyed side of the connector is ground (G). Since the power pins and ground pins on the receiver are typically in rails, you only need 1 connection for each.


Finally found the proper connections to get the zumo going with the RC Controller. My problem was that I wasn’t plugging into the signal portion of the receiver. It took a bit of trial and error to figure out which channels to use, but it works great now! Thanks Brandon and Amanda for the help!

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