Adding a wixel


I have a few questions before I go ahead.

I have a 3pi with an mbed expansion board on top.

where the mbed would sit I’ve soldered a line of female connectors so i can mount additional sensors on the top.

I want to add more sensors and realize I can’t add an mbed board as that space is taken.

So I was thinking of adding a Wixel. Am I right in thinking that because of the mbed I don’t have to worry about voltage conversion from 3v to 5v and vice versa as that’s handled on the board?

And if I use a 2nd Wixel on my pc can I stream a load of variables from my 3pi / wixel to the pc to be displayed in real time ?


Hello, Dave.

The m3pi board does have level shifting for the communication between the Wixel and 3pi; it also has some general-purpose voltage dividers and MOSFET circuits you can use to interface 5V devices to the Wixel. You can read more about voltage dividers and MOSEFET circuits in the “General-Purpose Voltage Dividers and MOSFET Circuits” section of the m3pi user’s guide.

You should also be able to transmit data from the Wixel on the m3pi to the Wixel connected to your computer, but you will have to write your own app to transmit the data between Wixels. You might want to look at our wireless serial app to get an idea of how to write code to transmit between the Wixels. You can find the app and more information on it in the “Wixel Apps” section of the Wixel user’s guide.

- Grant

Awesome, thank you.