Add extra memory

hi guys
using the maestro 24ch, the script is naturally get heavy very fast,
im using servo positions, speed command, and yes, i have many frames in each sub routine.
is there anyway to add more memory?
anyway to use another device just as extra memory?


Unfortunately we don’t have any way of doing that.

Instead of using internal Maestro scripting, you could get a programmable board with more memory (such as the mbed) and use it control the Maestro by sending serial commands. If most of your Maestro scripts are auto-generated using the sequencer feature of the Maestro Control Center, you could write a program that automatically converts the sequences from a saved Maestro settings file to C/C++ source code to load onto your controller. Some of the work of writing that program is already complete if you use the Pololu USB SDK, because it has code for reading in the Maestro file and producing a nice set of .NET objects to represent the settings and sequences.