ADC reading Calibration

Hi all
I am working on a balancing robot, I am using Pololu Dual Motor driver MC33926. on the board there is an out pin FB which sense the current form the motor and gives 525mv/A (according to the data sheet).
My Question is how can i convert this reading to a number in miliAmpere. I am using 12 bit ADC and the reference voltage for the ADC is 3v. besides there is 15k resistor connected in series with the input of ADC.
i know this basic formula
Volatge of ADC=(Vin/Vref)*4096 to know the out put of the ADC but what i want is to know how to convert the ADC reading to Motor current.


Hello, Eyob.

The voltages you read from the ADC can be divided by the voltage to current ratio (525mV/A) to get the current. For example, if you read 787.5 mV, you can divide it by 525mV/A, and you will get 1.5A.

- Jeremy

Thank you Jermy, now it works and i manged to balance my two wheel robot, now i am working to improve it more and try to trace a line or a path…
thanks again