Actuator feedback caps at 2.3v not 5v

I have the Glideforce GF23-120502-3-65 High-Speed LD Linear Actuator with Feedback and at full 2" extension, the voltage is reading 2.3v. The supply voltage is 4.99v. I was under the impression the feedback was 0-5v.


The feedback signal will not range all the way from 0V to 5V since the feedback potentiometer built into the actuator does not swing through it’s entire physical range, especially in the actuators with low stroke lengths. What your reported, 0V to 2.3V, is around what we would expect for that actuator.

- Patrick

Thank you. I’m using Arduino which converts 0-5v from 0 to 1023 values. Am I better off scaling the voltage from 2.3v to 5v electrically or through software scaling? Will the signal end up fluctuating more (less precision) if I scale it electrically vs software?

Or should I divide the voltage down to 0-1.1v and use the INTERNAL1V1 configuration to scale 0-1023 from 0-1.1v.


My suggestion would be to try scaling the measurement in software first and seeing if that works well enough since that is the easiest option.

If you want to try to get more precision, then you could try changing your Arduino’s analog reference voltage along with voltage dividing the signal from the feedback potentiometer accordingly.

- Patrick

Turns out my Arduino mega supports INTERNAL2V56 for a 2.56v reference. I can add software scaling after that. :ok_hand:t3: TY