Acsessing X2's UART output

Hi, ive only had a brief look over the documentation and on the forum so may have missed something but is there any way to access a RS-232 output or the UART output i know the main communication is though a usb that appears as a serial port to the computer but for some hardware i wish to interface it needs UART TTL logic levels
i have a chip that can convert from RS-232 to UART logic (MAX232 IC) if needed

edit: thanks paul now i look at the schematic i can clearly see we have access to the rxd and txd via PORTD. i kept trying to find a solution using the serial communications generally used with the X2 when such an obvious and easy to implement answer is right there. silly me

The UART of the main controller is available for your use on pins PD0 and PD1. It is a TTL-level port, probably exactly what you need to connect to your peripheral device. Please note that you will have to carefully read the datasheet for the ATmega644 to learn how to set up serial communication.