ACS724 Current sensor -20A +/- +20A

Dear Members, (my 3th language is English, so…have mercy!)
I need to survey the current in a power cord (washing machine, 240 V AC). If current is +/- 0,0… A, then start second machine… Can I use, to monitor the current, your ACS724 +/- 20A sensor please?
If so, solder or feedthrough the current wire(s) on the Current Sensor Carrier?
If NOT, is there any other sensor to achieve this goal? Please, can you help me out?
With kind regards,
John Timmerman

Hello, John

Please note that working with such high voltages is very dangerous! It does not seem like you know what you are doing well enough to do it safely, so if you want to proceed with this project, I strongly recommend you do it under the direct supervision of someone qualified to work on such designs.

- Patrick

Is the ACS724 fit for 240V AC applications? I went through the specs below but I could not understand if it can withstand such a high voltage.


If you cannot determine from our product page documentation and the sensor datasheet whether or not our carrier will work in your high voltage application, then you are probably not qualified to work on such designs and should not be doing so without proper supervision.

- Patrick

I hope you take Patrick’s advice seriously, 240VAC is dangerous. Maybe a clamp-style AC current meter would suffice: The more expensive models do data logging if that’s what you were thinking.