ACS715 (Pololu Item #1186) Reverse Current - Damage?

My design places the 1186 current sensor (0 to 30 amp) in the discharge/charge leg of my battery assembly. I chose this configuration because I need more resolution of the discharge current during operation of my RC Boat. The sense portion (3-wire connection) is not powered during the battery charging. Max battery charge current is 20 amps. Will this damage the current sensor? I’m not so concerned about the shunt portion, but the unpowered sense circuitry.


0 to 30A is the optimized current sensing range, however the sensor can provide some feedback for negative currents (down to -1.5A) and the high current side of the sensor is electrically isolated from the sensor side (only a magnetic field couples the two sides), so a negative current within the rating of the board (30A) should not damage the sensor.