ACS715 Current Sensor Carrier 0 to 30A Question


I am trying to change the output of three ACS715 Current Sensor Carriers (0 to 30A) and display their outputs on some cheap Mini DC 0-30V LED Panel Voltmeters. They work fine but the issue is the 0.5 VDC output at zero amps and the 0.133 VDC/amp output from the current sensors doesn’t lend itself to easily figuring out the actual current value. I have a table on paper to do the conversion to actual amps but that isn’t convenient.

I am hoping someone has designed a simple circut to make the conversion. I was thinking of some sort of Op-Amp circuit where I could dial in an offset to zero out the 0.500 VDC at zero amps and a “gain” control to adjust the output to something meaningful.
These current sensors are really only designed to measure current in one direction.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated,

Hello, Phil.

An op-amp circuit like that seems like it should be possible. We do not have any specific suggestions for implementing that, but our other forum members might have some.