ACS711 vs ACS714 Differences


I need to get several current sensors to take measurements in my system at relatively high current levels. I found two sensor packages available that have similar specs:

ACS711EX for +/- 31 A for $3.95

ACS714 for +/- 30 A for $8.95

I read through both descriptions and the differences seem minor, and the cheaper one actually has a extra feature of a fault output. I’m trying to understand what the rationale for choosing one versus the other is, and what the extra benefits are of going with the more expensive option.


The higher isolation voltage on the ACS714 is probably the largest difference, however the two devices are generally similar. You could scan the datasheets for the two sensors (linked to on the resources tab of their respective product pages) for more specific differences. If you tell me more about your application, I might be able to tell you whether one might be better than the other.