ACS709 Temperature

Hello fellow Polulu designers,

My name is Bastian, and i have a following question about a ACS709. I want to measure about 40-45 amps of current and this can be done by the ACS709 And run it for lets say 8 Weeks, with a powerload of a Motor that runs at 40V at 40A. This all is driven by a big PB(Pumblum/Lead) battery (like the one you have in a old car).

The thing is (what i have read so far ) that the ACS709 is tested for 1000 secs at a Thermalresistance about 22C/W, at 30amps DC. Would it be wise to put a Big Heatsink on it, or like a Fan?

because of the Thermal Fatigue?

sincerly yours


Hi, Bastian.

That sensor is not rated to do more than 30A continuously, and we have not tested it at higher currents. You will most likely need some kind of cooling like a fan or heatsink, but I don’t have any specific recommendations.

- Zeeshan