ACS 715 with low Zero Current Output Voltage

I have several of theses, and one of them, when hooked to a 5.0vcc has .36v as its zero current output voltage. All the other ones have something close to .5v as expected. The datasheet says that “The device is fully calibrated prior to shipment from the factory” but it doesn’t look like there is a way to recalibrate it. Temperature should not be an issue. With a load, the 133 mV/A specification seems to be holding up.

My application will never have a zero load condition, so I can’t dynamically calibrate it via software.

Any suggestions?


How many is several? If you have no means for calibration, it seems like the easiest approach would be to get a few more units than you need and pick the most consistent subset.

- Jan

I’ve got five of them. They are’t expensive, but neither are they cheap.

Rather than say I have no way of calibrating them, I should have said I have no way of dynamically compensating for the inherent mis-calibration of the oddball device.