Acoustic feedback piezo switch #2808

Hi there,

I got one of these switch 2808 modules in order to get a latching output from a piezo switch. The piezo switch provides a brief short which is just enough to trigger the module. I would now like to introduce acoustic feedback so that when the piezo switch is touched, I get a short beep. The brief short provided by the piezo is probably fine duration wise so I was thinking, is it possible to hook up the base of an PNP transistor to one side of the piezo switch (need to find out which) and hook up a small active piezo buzzer to the emitter side of the transistor? I guess the same principle applies to insert a led, in series with the buzzer to have visual and acoustic feedback.

Do I insert a resistor or diode in series with the base?

Many thanks for your help.

No ideas? Anyone?


Both switch connections are internal nodes of the circuit, so adding extra circuitry there is likely to just make the circuit not work. If you want extra behavior around the switch turning on and off, we recommend adding that to the powered side of the switch (e.g. add a circuit that does your beep thing when power gets applied). Triggering something when the switch turns off is a bit more tricky, but you can see suggestions for how to do that in this forum thread.