Accurrate Very Short Range Distance Measurement

I need to estimate the perimeter of an object which I plan to scan passing in front of the object in a straight line.

I thought I could use the Sharp GP2Y0A41SK0F Analog Distance Sensor 4-30cm but was unable to get accuracy data on the sensor. Do you have that available?

The object is not uniform. Is the distance measured from a straight line perpendicular to the back of the sensor?

Can you suggest other products that can achieve this? It needs to be precise to 1mm and mountable with screws.

Many thanks!


The accuracy of a sensor like this is going to depend on a number of different characteristics of the system into which it is integrated. For instance, if you look at the “Example of output distance characteristics” graph on page 4 of the sensor’s datasheet, you will see that the output voltage can vary a bit based on the amount of light the object being measured reflects. In most cases, it would probably not be very practical to expect 1mm of accuracy out of the sensor, though it might be possible to achieve that in a system with very consistent objects being sensed, lighting conditions, and electrical characteristics. We do not have any other specific sensors to recommend for that level of accuracy.