Accidentally reversing connector from IMAX B6AC Charger


I was wondering if there was any danger if one accidentally reversed the polarity of the connector from the IMAX B6AC to the 3pi battery charge connector, or would it just cause a connection error on the charger.

Jerry Guttman

Hello, Jerry.

The iMAX-B6AC has the ability to detect when a battery is plugged in with the polarity reversed. If a battery is plugged in backwards, the charger should beep and display the error message “Reverse Polarity” on the screen.

- Grant

Unfortunately,I did it and when I disassembled it, I saw one chip that is near the connector is burned. I wonder how can I fix it? Can I find the chip?

Thank you

Hello, Emre.

Can you post a picture of the 3pi showing the damaged component? Did you connect a battery charger in reverse like the original poster, and was it an iMAX B6AC charger? If not, could you describe what you did that appeared to result in the damage?