Access to Sample Laser Cut Project Materials

I am looking at two projects with the Baby Orangatang to support robotics classes:

(1) Sunspot wireless mote chassis with B’Orangatang for motor control, and
(2) mini-Sumo with B’Orangatang.

Can I obtain/buy from you the DXF files and/or sample pieces for the existing custom laser projects:

(1) “Mini Robot Chassis Plates”, and
(2) “Servo driven Sumo Robot”.

I would like to use these to prototype and design the modified versions to custom cut for my classes.



I have replied to your email with the file we can provide. Please do not post the same message to our feedback form and the forum.

In case anyone else has the same question, we do not have the rights to the mini sumo chassis, so we cannot distribute it. We can provide the file for the small yellow chassis (, but it’s not necessarily the best starting point. The only really valuable part is the t-shaped cutout for the GM7 gearbox, and getting consistent press fits is difficult.

- Jan