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ABS in 3/64"

So, I’ve been looking to get some ABS cut, but would prefer 3/64" (0.046"-0.050"). I see that 1/16" is available, but it wouldn’t be a perfect fit. Is there any chance that you guys can cut it in 3/64"?

We do not carry 3/64″ ABS, but we can probably special-order it through McMaster-Carr or other online suppliers. You can also ship materials to us, and we would only charge you for the cutting cost. You can specify a special material by using the box at bottom of our Quote request form.

By the way, we do carry 3/64″ Delrin, as that has been a popular request for customers looking to build custom mechanical keyboards!

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Thank you! Plates for custom mechanical keyboards were exactly what I planned on having cut.

1/16" I know is for the standard build (Cherry MX switches)
3/64" Delrin is typically used for plates regarding vintage Alps switches.

I figured I’d ask about 3/64" ABS since a lot of those vintage keyboards were in various chassis/housings, typically composed of ABS. How do I go about having you guys cut the material after purchasing the sheets?

Please submit a quote request, making sure to specify whether we should order the material for you, and we will email you a quote with instructions for placing your order.