About zumo v1.2

We want to make a zumo sumo robot by using zumo1.2 shield. There are some codes about collision detect, but there isn’t any line about distance sensors.We want to write codes about attack. Also we have two pololu 0j9636 sensors, and one 0j4035 berder line sensor


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We do not have any examples for proximity sensing for the Zumo Shield, but you can look at the code in the LineAndProximitySensors and the SumoProximitySensors examples for our Zumo 32U4 robot in the examples folder of its library and port the code over for the Zumo Shield. The Zumo 32U4 Front Sensor Array uses the same IR proximity sensor (Vishay TSSP77038 receiver module) as the Pololu 38 kHz IR Proximity Sensor.

- Amanda

we look for them but didn’t find the information about the front senseor of zumo 32u4

What exactly are you having trouble finding (e.g. user’s guide, product page, code examples)?

- Amanda