About VL53L1X settings

Hello, I am using the Arduino sketch file ContinuousWithStatus on my VL53L1X.

If I want to measure ContinuousWithStatus without changing the code, does the VL53L1X have a function to calibrate the measurement error?

Also, is it possible to change the threshold value of each signal such as distance?


Can you describe more specifically what code you are using? Maybe you could post a link to the code you are referencing, or a copy of the program itself here.

The Pololu VL53L1X Arduino library does not have a “ContinuousWithStatus” file. It does have an example called “ContinuousWithDetails.ino.” Is that what you are referring to?

- Patrick

Hello, I would like to know the reason why each status is outputted.

If you are referring to the range status codes reported by the sensor, there is information about what each code means in the Table 4 of the VL53L1X API user manual from ST (UM2356), which is available on our VL53L1X carrier’s product page under the “Resources” tab.

- Patrick