About mq2 sensor

i am trying to detect different gases like Co2,Nh4,lpg,H2 and other using mq2. my doubt is in the datasheet given various curves for different gases, so
1)how can i differentiate gases as i can get same voltage for differnt gases.(in the graph if get Rs/Ro ==1, is that mean that i have 600ppm of lpg and propane;1000 ppm of h2;4000ppm of alcohol )
2)is the graph platted by taking one gas at a time or combining all gases?


Although the MQ-2 gas sensor measures a wide range of combustible gas, there is not a way to differentiate between those gases. Unfortunately, all of the information we have for this sensor can be found inside its datasheet, and it is unclear from it if the gases were measured independently.

- Jeremy

thanks for the reply

hi jeremyT

i am doing a project with mq-2 to detect different gases but now it is not possible to do that. is there any way to detect different gases(my interest is co2,co,no2)without using dedicated sensors.any information will be grateful.


Unfortunately, I do not have any other recommendations other than using dedicated sensors.

- Jeremy