About actuators


I need to know the differences between a generic actuator
and the Concentric actuator.

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Did you look at the comparison link under “actuators”?


This is a fine place to post your questions.
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Hi :

The place

is not usefull to find any kind of comparison between
Pololu products called Concentric actuators and Generic actuators.

… again, I need to know the difference between
Concentric actuators ( a Pololu product) and Generic actuators
( a Pololu product too) .

Is the price the only difference ?

Are Concentric better than the Generic ?
What about the duty cicle , (for example)

I hope you will understand the question.


The Concentric actuators are very similar to our generic ones, but they differ in a few ways:

  • The Concentric actuators use different gearboxes to offer different combinations of speed and force while the generic ones use the same gearboxes but different threading pitch on the drive rod.
  • The feedback on the Concentric actuators with feedback pots is better than on the generics in the sense that nearly the full range of the feedback pot is used. On the generic actuators, typically only a subset of the feedback pot range is used (e.g. 10% for the 4" version). This is probably the main way in which the Concentric actuators are better.
  • Concentric actuators have a recommended maximum duty cycle of 25%; the generic actuators have a recommended maximum duty cycle of 15%.
  • Concentric actuators have a static load rating significantly higher than their dynamic load ratings; the generic actuators just have dynamic load ratings, and we do not recommend exceeding those.

- Ben