A stupid question

Can i use the lib from pololu on other atmgea 168 with “similar” setup. i only need those for servo control because they can control speed and stuff. So i dont need to think about motor driver.

Can any body tell me a simple but powerful lib for servos?

I am using atmega16 development board. I know that it is just pwm code but i also like to control its speed and acceleration.


You can use our code with other ATmega168 boards, but if you think that ATmega168 and ATmega16 are the same processor, you will probably have trouble getting it to work, and we are not going to provide you with any support for it, beyond answering questions that we find interesting. You would also probably get a lot more help from the community if you would make it clear exactly which board you are using (with a link to the product page, if possible!)

Also, our code could be incompatible with your board or with other code for numerous reasons, such as different clock speeds, pin assignments, or interrupt configuration, and the differences could potentially even cause damage to your circuitry (e.g. if AREF is connected to something on the board).

That said, good luck, and please let us know how it goes.