A-star32u4 port dont detected in computer

im having problems whit my zumo 32u4 , i tried to upload a program but when i upload it the screen of the zumo showed 8 squares on the screen , then when i tried to upload a diferent one , the computer couldnt detect the port neither in the arduino ide and in the device manager (windows 10) i tried it on 2 computers but couldn’t select a port ; before this i could upload programs whit no problem but now my pc’s dosent detect the zumo at all , hope you can help


It sounds like there might be two different issues here. What kind of program were you trying to upload? For now let’s focus on reviving the Zumo 32U4. Can you upload the basic Arduino Blink example to the Zumo 32U4 using the “Reset button” revival method described in the “Reviving using the Arduino IDE” section of the Zumo 32U4 Robot User’s Guide? Please let me know the result.

- Amanda