A-Star USB Serial number

Hi there.
We are using A-Star 32u4 mini lv based micros.
We need to add USB serial numbers to devices (Preferably by in storing in EEPROM)
This serial number is to be reported as USB serial number.

We have read: A-Star & adding serial numbers with interest.
The issue is that in Arduinio 1.6.8-12 we cannot seem to make any headway and get this going.

Any help would be highly appreciated.


Here is a patch file showing the changes you could make to the Arduino IDE verison 1.6.12 to expose the ATmega32U4’s built-in serial number as a USB serial number:

arduino_1.6.12_serial_number.patch (1010 Bytes)

You can either read this patch file and make the specified modifications using a text editor, or you can go into the Arduino 1.6.12 installation directory and run:

patch -p1 -i arduino_1.6.12_serial_number.patch

You could modify the patch to read the serial number from EEPROM. Just change boot_signature_byte_get(i) to some other function call that reads from EEPROM.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Hi David.
Can confirm successful.

Thanks a lot.

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