A-Star ISP Pins

Is it possible to use the orange ISP 2x3 header pins as additional analog input pins A2 thru A5, or as digital pins? I thought I read that somewhere but cannot find any info on it. The more wires I have going to this thing the better. Thanks


The ISP header does not have any analog inputs, but as mentioned in the “Features” section of the A-Star’s product page, there are three additional digital I/O pins available on the ISP header. Those pins are the I/O pins that support SPI communication (MISO, MOSI, and SCK). You might find the diagram below helpful for using those pins (we will try to add this to the user’s guide soon).

The numbers on those three pins are the Arduino pin numbers. You should be able to read the MISO pin by using digitalRead(14). Alternatively, you can read the MISO pin by using digitalRead(MISO) since the pin name is also mapped to that pin.

- Jeremy