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A-star 32U4 This device cannot start. (Code 10


I installed the driver for the 32U4 (for use with the Polulu 3pi) in Win10 Pro and I’m getting the error: “This device cannot start. (Code 10)”.

I may not have the correct USB cable. I found one that seems to be correct, but I don’t know the exact type. The device is powering on using the USB cable.

Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot the issue are appreciated.


It looks like the cable was the problem. The cable I used powered the device, but couldn’t be used to program it. I found another cable, plugged it in, and Windows installed the drivers. With the old cable, the port menu option for the board was disabled (under Tools/Port). With the new cable, the port is enabled.




I am glad to hear you figured out what the problem was; thanks for letting us know!

- Patrick