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A-Star 32U4 Micro and multiple I2C boards

I’m new to controllers and as a begining I started with 4 digit 7 segment display from adafruit. The final Idea is to make clock with rtc module and temperature sensor. Can anyone suggest a convenient way to connect all three i2c modules. I guess I can daisy chain them with wires, but is there a other way to do that?


I²C is designed so that you can control multiple devices on a single bus. Generally, along with a common ground, the SCL pins on all devices should be connected and the SDA pins of all devices should be connected. The devices should only respond to commands that use their specified I²C address, so as long as they all use a unique address, you should be able to communicate with each of them individually.


Theory of I2C bus is clear to me. Whats bothering me is the physical way to connect multiple boards to one another. My experience of soldering and building controllers projekts is quite limited.

The easiest way to make those kinds of shared connections is probably using a solderless breadboard with jumper wires. However, once the project is done being prototyped and you want to make it more permanent, soldering it to a proto board is also a good idea. If you’re new to soldering, I recommend checking out Adafruit’s Guide to Excellent Soldering.