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A-Star 32U4 and Nrf24L01

Hello All
Does anybody have a complete communication solution worked out between A*32U4 and NRF24L01? I mean schematic and code. I gave up that subject a while ago. I read everything there was about it.

Hello, Renald.

We have not heard of anyone else using a NRF24L01 board with one of our A-Star 32U4 boards or any new resources for NRF24L01 boards in general since you last mentioned it on our forum (though we do not manufacture or sell any NRF24L01 boards, so we have not been following them very closely).

As we mentioned before, our A-Star 32U4 microcontrollers use the same microcontroller as the Arduino Leonardo and Arduino Micro boards, so any resources you find for those should be helpful for our boards as well.