A-Star 328PB returns upload error - cant access port

I have an A-Star328-PB I want to use to replace a Nano. Ran out of pins!

AFAIK I’ve done all the setup procedures listed in the Users guide, and the chip shows up on IDE board list.

When I try to upload sketch I get an “avrdude…programmer is not responding” error. Any ideas what could cause?


What AVR programmer are you using? Can you post pictures that clearly show your connections and any soldered joints?


I am working with the standard IDE package available for the Arduino IDE 1.8.5 (avrdude is supplied with it). In this instance there are no connections or parts. The 328PB has all pins installed and have checked the board with a strong magnifier and am reasonably certain there are no bridges. The board is plugged into a solder-less breadboard as once I can load software to it, I will add other parts for it to talk to.

Right now the breadboard just holds the board solidly, and I have a FTDI chip plugged into the 6-pin connector on the narrow edge of the board.

This project is (too!) MANY months old and I have been loading code to this project - many times a day (ARGH!) and all usb connections are good.

I see occasional flickers of the led’s on the board, and the power light is steady - power from USB.

I’m wondering if an special drivers are needed to talk to this board?

NEWS! It seems to be working!! Just uploaded (sucessfullly) Nano project. Not sure what change - must have been a port mix-up… Dunno - but glad to be able to give this chip a run.


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