A-Star 328PB Hardware Question

I’ve purchased several A-Star 328PB boards recently because of the extra hardware and form factor to replace my design spark mini’s. I bought both 16 and 20mhz boards but need easy access to second IC2 and SPI in the Arduino IDE.

Last year I also purchased 2 Elektor UNO R4s because they were first with the 328PB but way to big to use in projects.

My question is this, they redid the Boards Package and AVR DUDE to support the R4 in the IDE, do you know if their drivers would support the A-Star board?

I really have no luck trying to use ATMEL Studio and I’ll just say my C skills are lacking. I learned PASCAL and Visual Basic, but I can stumble through Arduino enough to get things working.



I do not know if the Arduino software add-on for the Elektor Uno R4 board will work for our A-Star 328PB, but you can use our Arduino software add-on for the A-Star 328PB. For more details, see the “Getting Started” section in the A-Star 328PB User’s Guide, particularly the “Programming using the Arduino IDE” section of the guide.

- Amanda