A-Star 328PB 3V3 12Mhz Disable BOD

I am using the A-Star 328PB at 3v3 at 12Mhz.
My power source is a 3V6 non-rechargeable LiSOCL2 battery.
How can I disable the 328PB Brownout Detection?


To disable the brownout detection on the Atmega328PB you would need to use an AVR programmer and program the BODLEVEL fuse bits; you could also set the brown-out detection threshold to 1.8V instead of completely disabling it. Please note that lowering or disabling the BOD detection threshold could risk unexpected behavior if the voltage goes too low.

If you want to be able to provide a consistent voltage to the microcontroller as the battery voltage drops, another option you could consider is using a step-up or step-up/step-down regulator to power your A-star.


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Hi Tony,
Many thanks for your prompt reply.
I have a Pololu USB AVR Programmer v2.1
Am I correct in saying that in order to:
Disable BOD set BODLEVEL to 0x07
Set threshold to 1.8V set BODLEVEL to 0x06

Please could you provide step-by-step instructions to set the BODLEVEL fuse bits.
I am somewhat of a newbie.
Many Thanks

Disable BOD set BODLEVEL to 0xF7
Set threshold to 1.8V set BODLEVEL to 0xF6

Yes, your understanding of the BODLEVEL fuse bits is correct. You can see instructions on setting the fuse and lock bits in the corresponding section of our AVR programmer user’s guide.


thanks man . awesome explanation

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