A simple way to provide back up battery power to an Arduino?

What’s the simplest way to provide back up battery power to an Arduino Duemilanove?

I’m looking for a simple way to provide a battery backup for an Arduino Duemilanove. It’s currently running fine using a wall wart but there are sometimes power glitches or failures and I want to provide uninterrupted power to the Arduino during those times.

One way to do it would be to use the Pololu 5V Boost Regulator NCP1402 with a battery and feed the power into the USB port of the Arduino in order to take advantage of the Arduino’s automatic power switching, but this wouldn’t include battery charging. Another way would be to add a battery and charging circuit between the wall wart and the Arduino’s plug.

Does Pololu have any products already available that will do this? Or are there any other suggestions for a simple way to accomplish the task.

I’ll build it if I have to, but if there’s something already available, I would be glad to know about it.

Thanks !!


One thing that comes to mind is to use an uninterruptible power supply between your wall wart and the wall.

- Ryan