A remotely controlled Zimmer frame?

I have a crazy idea! My Mum is 97 (flew barrage balloons on Wandsworth common, London during WW2!) has severe dementia and somewhat limited mobility. Since a fall two months ago Mum has needed to use a very light, aluminium Zimmer/walking frame which has helped considerably. Occasionally she leaves it in another room and then uses a few fixed handrails dotted around her flat. Is there anyway of fixing 2 lightweight (IP?) motors which drive the two wheels currently on the frame, and then be controlled via an app on my Android phone? Then if she left it out of reach I could drive it back to her! A bit of background: Mum lives on her own in her flat but has four carer visits per day plus 1 night-time visit by either myself or my sister to ensure she gets to bed safely. Over a period of around 6 years I have installed 4 nest cameras, a broadlink pro to control her TV, DVD player and some lights. The broadlink pro also allows me 2 switch HDMI input to a mini PC/NUC on which I have installed Skype with the facility for auto answer/auto video. Just trying to keep mum taking over safely for however long her dear soul is on this planet.
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my issue has been solved