A 'Pi-powered Experimenter's Bench

Hi Pololu Fans!

We are appealing for your support for our startup project, to turn our vision into
a reality. Our vision also includes anytime, anywhere, hands-on learning for STEM
topics. STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering (Arts) and Math.

We are a small startup operation building a new resource for hobbyists, or electronic
hobbyists-want-to-be–a smart experimenter’s platform that removes the sometimes
difficult bits and bytes, and relies on your PC, tablet, or smartphones for user-interface.

and our website WattminderInstruments.com, for details.
We need to have minimum funding to get PCBs and assemblers under contract to
produce them, and on retailers like Pololu to help us distribute them around the
world. Please let your customers & readers know about our product and future plans and
invite their support to make it a reality.

Thanks for your kind consideration and support.
-Steve and team