A new 3pi demo Program

Hi I love my 3pi robot the only part I don’t like is the demo program. I think that Pololu should make a new program the has the PID line follower, maze solver, the RC 3pi, and some type of move program the you don’t have to hold a button in for. And upload to the forum and ship future 3pi’s that way. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Thank you for your suggestion. One of the big appeals of the 3pi is that it is programmable, so I feel having a demo program whose main goal is to avoid programming the 3pi is inappropriate. The purpose of the demo program is to show off the basic functions of the 3pi, not to be a program that tries to do everything a 3pi can do.

We provide example source code for all the functions you suggest having in the demo program and it is not much trouble to switch functions by reprogramming your 3pi.

I understand how it would be nice to have all these programs in one, but I think it is impractical in a number of ways. It would make the program harder to understand, make our library of example programs less maintainable, and possibly take up more program space than is available.

- Ryan