A list of questions

Ok Im thinking about buying the m3pi but I have a few questions.

1** I want the m3pi to find its way out of the house fast, avoiding and following walls (but not crashing into them just going aside them till it gets to door Code Please…)

2** Will I be able to add a metal detector to the m3pi? I will make the circut small and simple. ( and if possible give me code :smiley: )

3** With the wireless module will I be able to access stats on my computer? Such as how much charge the m3pi has ect. or controll a led, or find out how much signal my metal detector is? ( for the metal detector I will try to find code because im sure nobody has it)


The m3pi is much more a development platform than a domestic robot. While the user community has developed code for wireless communication with a computer, control via smart phone/wii controller, line following and maze solving programs, there is a lot of room for more code to be developed and for existing code to be improved upon. As such, if you are looking for a robot to collect spare change out in the yard while you watch TV, this may not be the bot for you. On the other hand, if you are looking to get into programming robots, learn a little about embedded systems and are looking for a relatively forgiving platform from a company with outstanding customer service, then this is the bot for you.

In any event, the m3pi is just a little guy, and no matter how many sensors you put on him, he’s going to have some trouble getting over the door mat and weather stripping.