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A lightwieght precise motor drive solution?

Is there an off the shelf solution to accurately rotate along one axis with one arc minute precision and be sub 100 grams? Ideally repeat position ±0.016 degrees.

So far I have been looking into servos driving worm gears, harmonic drive using stepper motors.

Any direction or answers are appreciated, just looking for feasibility right now, thank you.

What is your application? You will likely need a geared precision stepper motor with an encoder for that kind of accuracy.

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@Jim444 Yes, that is where I have came to in my research as well.

Any recommendations of precision steppers and encoders with good reliability? Getting ready to purchase for a bench test.

I would look on EBay searching geared Maxon stepper motor or Faulhaber.
Marlin P Jones and Assoc has a Small precision Medical stepper motor I have bought that is very small nice but has no encoder from Faulhaber.
Hope this helps!

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I have used the 12v Faulhaber geared stepper from MJP&A it outputs .34 degrees per step