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9V Step-Up/Step-Down Voltage Regulator S10V3F9, two short questions

Hello, I am about to energize this voltage regulator for the first time, but before I apply power I have two questions. The first one is admittedly stupid:

  1. Ground is connected to the negative terminals of the input (source) and output 9 volt power - correct? And V-in and V-out are positive? (Yes, I know, stupid question… I want to make double-sure so I won’t cause the device to go in a puff of smoke.)

  2. If I super-glue a small metal heat sink to the top (components mounted) side of the regulator board, would that cause shorting?

Thank you very much,


Hello, Tom.

I moved your post to the “Voltage regulators” section of the forum since it is more appropriate.

It looks like you have asked very similar questions about this regulator in the past; in the future, if you have more questions about the same topic you have already created a thread for, please continue the discussion in your previous thread.

  1. It looks like Patrick answered your question about connections in your previous post.

  2. We do not have any specific advice for adding a heat sink, and I generally wouldn’t recommend doing so unless you really think you need it. As Patrick explained in your other thread, whether or not you need one will depend on the power demands of your load. To add to that, any time you are adding a conductive part to your system, there is a chance for causing a short, so if you do add a heat sink, you should do so very carefully. Another option to consider is getting a more powerful voltage regulator that does not need additional cooling to handle your load.


Thanks Brandon!

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